I have so many favorited categories, it takes forever to scroll through them with only 2 columns. Please bring back 3 as an option!
Also, the order of my categories got reversed in the transition so now will have to unfavorite and refavorite them all or manually move them all. This feels like something that is a preventable problem—please please try to make updates not mess things up like that going forward, it’s really frustrating to have to redo my organization of dozens of categories..
And now I unfavorited and am refavoriting and trying to rearrange my categories — and it doesn’t let us arrange them? Please please bring back the ability to arrange categories—that tab is way way less useful without that ability. Especially with rotating category cards where the 5% categories change, and it’s helpful to be able to rearrange for other reasons too. I feel like this update was rolled out without enough testing and refinement. I appreciate everyone’s work but other than looking prettier I’m seeing zero benefits to the update so far.