MaxRewards 2.9 General Release
Referral page
✨ New
  • Card referral page:
    You can now share a public page with an overview of your cards.
  • Referral link:
    Your public referral page uses your own referral links whenever available.
  • Synced referral link:
    Since most referral links have an expiration date, we'll renew your referral link every time you sync your account and a new link is available.
  • Background sync at launch:
    When you launch the app after some time has passed (usually a day), we'll automatically try to sync your accounts. You'll notice an indicator on the Wallet icon in the navigation bar.
Note: We cannot background sync accounts that require 2-factor authentication. To ensure all of your accounts are up to date, please periodically swipe down from the top of the Wallet screen to sync all of your accounts.
😊 Improved
  • Onboarding:
    We have a new onboarding experience that showcases more of the features and benefits of the app.
  • Bonus Tracker:
    Improved transaction categorization.
  • Best Card:
    Search results on Best Card will show the nearest results. When you tap a location, that location will be shown on the top of the cards list.
🛠 Fixed
  • Fixed an issue where certain cards would not have their bonus trackers updated.
  • Fixed an issue where marking certain deals "marked as used" would not be reflected in the Best Card view.
  • Fixed an issue where searching for a specific place would sometimes not return the specified place in the Best Card view.