MaxRewards 2.8
Early Access
✨ New
Bonus Tracker
  • Bonus tracker
    : Track sign up and retention bonuses with our new bonus tracker. Tap on a card and scroll to the bottom to add new trackers. When you hit your spend requirement, we'll celebrate with confetti.
Card Priority
  • Card priority
    : Prefer to use one card over another if the reward rates are the same? Now, you can set your preferences using the card priority feature. Located under "More" in Accounts & Cards (top left icon on Wallet tab).
  • Mark deal as used
    : There's a lag between when you use a deal and when an issuer detects that you've used a deal. Now, you can manually indicate if a deal has been used, and we'll remove it from consideration in Best Card.
  • Connectors
    : Support for connecting the Amazon Synchrony card and PNC cards.
😊 Improved
Best Card
  • Best Card
    : Brand new view for Best Card by Category. View categories in 1, 2 or 3 column layouts. Favorite categories and adjust their order.
  • Add accounts screen
    : Quickly access more banks with our improved accounts screen.
🛠 Fixed
  • Fixed an issue with iOS widgets not syncing
  • Fixed an issue with deals sometimes not being factored into Best Card recommendations
  • Fixed an issue with deals not properly sorting on the "All Deals" list
  • Fixed an issue with transactions sometimes over-representing rewards earned