• Performance:
    We've made additional updates to improve the performance and reliability of the app!
  • Chase:
    We've added the new "Amazon Visa" and "Prime Visa" cards by Chase, members should now be able to sync these cards with no issues!
  • Citi Offers:
    While updating the new Citi connector, we've also improved our Citi offers activation process. Members should now be able to auto activate all Citi offers!
  • Citi:
    We will be releasing a new syncing method with Citi to 30% of members who are on the latest version of the app (2.11.37). Once we can confirm positive results, we will push this new method out to more members!
  • USAA:
    We've updated our USAA connector to ensure that all members are able to sync their account balances and transactions!
  • Best Card:
    We've updated our mapping to ensure that Publix is reflected in the Grocery store category for all locations!