• Performance:
    We've made several performance updates to make the app even more reliable!
  • Bank Connectors:
    We've made further improvements to ensure the stability of our Chase and Citi connections
  • Reward tracking:
    We've further improved our reward rate estimations based on transaction names and category
  • Offers:
    We've further improved our offer matching to specific location names
  • US Bank:
    We've fixed a bug to ensure US Bank Shopper Cash rewards cards are displayed correctly
  • USAA:
    We've fixed a bug to ensure we are correctly displaying the USAA Rewards Visa Signature card
  • Chase:
    We've updated the image for the Ink Business card to the new design
  • Discover:
    We've updated our rewards tracking for discover cards, to ensure Target and Walmart are excluded from the wholesale clubs category
  • Wells Fargo:
    We've enhanced our tracking of the Bilt Mastercard to ensure it is properly displaying for users